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Increased PHISHING scams over smartphone, even more during COVID19

Need I say more? Pizza anyone?

A perfect example of what an innocent ‘human error’ looks like. Nothing wrong to click on this link here, is it? We get texts and messages from our favorite companies all the time and many times we even enjoy those deals.


Could we even go back and think how many times we may have clicked on a link that’s so enticing to us without even knowing that our phones or computers maybe getting hacked. If there was an error from the link, you might close the browser, say ‘oh well’ and move on.

We can easily get hacked by clicking on a link or responding to a text!

  • Clicking on a link is a cyber attack specifically called phishing attack. Hackers will either steal your information off your phone or install a malware to infect your phone and you’ll be faced with data breach of your information.
  • Responding to a text can easily install Malware to your phone and if your phone is connected to your computer – well, you know how the rest of the story goes…

Do not respond to unsolicited or suspicious texts and emails and avoid clicking on links, even if you are curious. These cyber attacks can be harmful and damaging, even to individuals. Hackers have no mercy for anyone, even during COVID19! Report them as spam in your messaging/email app and you can also report them to FTC complaints. On your smartphones, try to block unknown senders. Many phone services now offer that feature. If any bogus message did come thru, go ahead and don’t be shy to add them to YOUR blocked list.

In this example, we would sincerely consider this text originated from or truly belong to Pizza Hut and may even be interested in the deal. Before doing any clicking/replying, just go to the company website or call them to ensure that this in fact is a promotion they are offering. WHEN in DOUBT, always better to be safe than sorry.

Cyber security is our top priority. Hackers are using any means possible during COVID19 and taking advantage of this time towards businesses and individuals. EVERYONE can be a victim of cyber crime. Phishing and Malware are very common practices for a hacker to use via phones and emails.

Be vigilant. Be mindful. Use technology with care and respect.

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