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Technology E&O Insurance

Technology E&O InsuranceTechnology professional liability insurance, also known as Tech E&O, helps protect professionals from any errors, omissions, mistakes, or negligence in the technology services or products you may offer to your clients. Tech and related professions that would greatly benefit by adding Tech E&O to business insurance portfolio as this would mitigate financial risk when facing a liability lawsuit.

Technology E&O insurance protects a company that makes a mistake or forgets to do a critical task that hurts a client financially. These mistakes can range from recommending inappropriate technology to failing to meet project deadlines. When a client sues to recover losses, technology E&O insurance will pay for a firm’s legal expenses.

Protect your life’s hard work and invest in mitigating financial risk and secure your business assets should you face liability claims due to unintentional error or negligence at your end. E&O/Professional Liability insurance is an important coverage and will help you from facing financial ruin.

  • Application Developers
  • Broadcasting/Communications
  • Computer Programmers & System Designers
  • Database Administrators
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Fintech
  • Graphic Designers & Publishing Companies
  • Hardware Installation Professionals
  • Healthtech
  • HR tech
  • Integration & Online Security Specialists
  • IT Firms, Tech Consultants & Project Managers
  • PR Firms & Advertising agencies
  • Managed/Cloud Service Providers
  • SaaS
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Software Development/Publishing
  • Telecommunication
  • Telemarketing/Call Centers
  • Website Developers

While technology E&O covers third-party cyber liability and provides protection if the client sues your company for not being able to prevent a data breach, first-party cyber liability insurance protects your own company’s data and will provide comprehensive cyber coverage.  

As an independent agency, we have access to top A-rated insurers. When a client sues to recover losses, your technology E&O insurance help cover your attorney & court fees, your settlement & judgments along with administrative costs.  We shop the market to find the comprehensive coverage and options  to assure your business is protected.

Tech companies of all sizes fit well with this full blown E&O and cyber coverage
E&O, Media Liability, and a full suite of Cyber coverages.