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9 Secrets to successfully Work Remotely & Securely

Working from home comes with perks however, it does come with some challenges! Learn how to work for home without compromising security.

It’s easier for cybercriminals to hack your computer, therefore, you need to develop a security mindset and find a place to make it your office which is your dedicated spot, area, or space. Let your family know that this is your office and it’s not to be shared

Make sure confidential information is not laying around and lock your computer when you are not next to it. When you take breaks or away from your workspace, mute the speaker and turn off the video.

Starbucks is not your home so please don’t use public Wi-Fi for work purposes. Use a secure VPN or your own hotspot to log in.

If you have smart speakers at home like Alexa don’t talk about work near them just in case they’re listening.

Your colleagues are not sitting next to you so call them and verify any requests you get from their emails which requests to share confidential data or transfer funds.

Don’t try to resolve technical issues yourself that could lead to even greater risk. instead, call your helpdesk

If you save passwords to your browser, you need to stop immediately. Start using long and complex passphrases and don’t reuse them. The best way is to have non-dictionary passwords and use a combination of numbers, letters, characters in very random order.

Don’t email documents to your home printer or to your personal email just to make it easy to print. Follow the proper protocol or given guidelines.

Lastly, don’t use social apps like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger to communicate with colleagues. Only use the tools that were approved by your organization.


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