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Why EVERY business NEEDS cyber security insurance!

Why EVERY business NEEDS cyber security insurance!

Unless you block EVERY hacker a 100% at ALL times, you need CYBER LIABILITY INSURANCE to mitigate your financial risks should you face cyber crime.

Cyber insurance is like any other type of business liability insurance; it is specifically designed to help your business recover after you and your business experience a damaging cyber attack and/or a data breach.

Cyber liability insurance covers the legal and technological aspects of data breaches & cyber attacks. It covers first-party risks, which are the direct expenses the business incurs reacting to a cyber attack. It also goes further and covers third-party risks which can cover expenses for businesses responsible for clients’ online security and data.

When you add a cyber insurance policy to your portfolio, you are ultimately getting access to technical resources in case the worst happens. A good cyber policy has best practices in place, protocols to follow and reacts immediately to a cyber event, providing instant access to IT security experts, forensic investigators, lawyers and crisis communications specialists who will help you manage the situation and get back online as quickly as possible.

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Happy Cyber-connecting!

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