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Remote Work Security

Remote Work Security – mitigate cyber risks!

As we see arising cyber crime due to remote work – let’s have digital security while working remotely

  • Avoid public WIFI and encrypt web connection
  • If all employees are remote, provide a secure VPT to connect securely
  • Provide company secured devices
  • If employees using their own devices, provide BYOD policy for security & data privacy
  • Provide training to employees to bring awareness of phishing and social engineering scams & hacks
  • Have a robust cyber insurance for when cyber crime occur out of your control

Even small businesses with any sort of online presence ought to have security measures in place along with risk mitigation plan so if after ALL that could have been done to tighten up the security posture, there’s a mitigation plan to offset the cost of what is OUT of your control.

Just as cyber security posture is a focus to go on about our businesses using technology, assessing & transferring the cyber risks are just as complimentary!

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