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Ransomware and Cyber Attacks Grow with Enhanced Technology

Just last week, a New York healthcare system was in jeopardy.

Ryuk Ransomware successfully disconnected its IT system within hours of the initial attack!

How come this was not detected? A new form of ransom was not identified by the antivirus software providers and security agencies.

With protocol in place, the hospital restored the IT operations and rebooted their system – the same day as the attack and redirected the emergency cases so the care is undisturbed.

At this point – no critical health data is compromised, according to the initial analysis.

Welcome to OUR new normal – where anytime we utilize, upgrade, and improve OUR technology, comes the new form of a cyber attack.

It’s not just the hospitals that rely on the protocol and mitigation plan to recover as fast as possible – but also the companies who rely on the digital system to perform the service and/or depend on and hold critical and sensitive data that could be compromised!

This New York hospital has a risk management and incidence response plan in place and is able to take fast action to minimize the impact of the cyberattack


Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance is a MUST-HAVE coverage if you are utilizing technology to perform your services and/or deal with sensitive data of your clients.

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You deserve to be connected with cyber and professional risk experts in the industry. We bring licensed insurance agents and experienced cyber professionals together to get you the answers to any of your questions.

For assistance, we are only an email or a phone call away.

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Don’t wait, mitigate!


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