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Never imagined a minor would hack a powerful company!

Days after the event – the team worked smart and fast and discovered that a 17-year-old Floridian among 2 other hackers (19 and 22 years of age) pulled the twitter scam of cryptocurrency on some well-known celebrities!

Twitter is not a novice when it comes to having a smart security posture. Yet they STILL got hacked. There is ALWAYS going to be an endpoint or a vulnerability that hacktivist will work hard to find no matter how big or little your business is.

These businesses you hear about survive as they give importance to cybersecurity posture and also cybersecurity solutions when all else fail to secure the system.

How many stories do YOU hear from small business owners that survived the attack without having any heartbreaking consequences? 43% of small businesses face cybercrime though we only read about the other 57%.

Do you have cyber strategies and solutions in place if your business were to get hacked?!?

If this is putting your head down with great concern and worrisome or you are not even sure where to begin when it comes to having cybersecurity strategies in place, you need to connect with a cyber solution expert asap!

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Sharmeen Rehman

BlackFire Cyber Insurance

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