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How to Recognize a Phishing Email?

With the increase in phishing attempts, it is imperative to distinguish between a legitimate and a fraudulent email; otherwise, your business will be wide-open for data breach attacks!

Phishing scams are becoming common and growing every day!

We have got to learn how to recognize and ignore them. 

  • Don’t trust the display name; look at the actual email address along with the spelling on both sides of the @ symbol of the email.
  • Don’t randomly click on a click you get in your emails – verify the authenticity if it’s an enticing offer. Call the vendor or company if you need to from their original site or listed contact information (not from the email)! 
  • Don’t give out any personal information over an email. Legislators companies generally do not ask for sensitive information over an email.
  • Check for spellings, grammar, and overall display of the email. 

Ignore the email if it’s looking odd or fishy, go with your gut feeling and do not take any action it’s asking you to take on that email. 

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