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How Ransomware Harms Your Business

What if…

You open your laptop tomorrow morning

Your data is locked

Can’t click on anything!

A message pops up demanding $100,000 to restore your data!

Could your business continue if you lost your data & ALL your backup? Do you have 100 thousand dollars to get it back?

Even if you retrieve your backup data, would you have cash on hand to pay all the privacy and regulatory fines?

Would your business have the extra money to pay for forensic analysis to see how much of your data was exposed?

Which records were exposed? What about notification costs?

What about credit monitoring or any other claims arising of out data privacy breach lawsuits?

With ransomware becoming more and more commonplace, it’s important to gain an idea of how a ransomware attack can harm your business and how you can financially mitigate and transfer your cyber risks. When ransomware demands to leak information – it’s cyber extortion!

Any business owner can stop worrying about losing their critical data with our proven cybersecurity strategies because they protect companies from financial ruin at the hands of hackers! If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, CALL US at 877-411-2324 … because we’d hate to see you lose your data and financially suffer at the hands of hackers!

Get cyber insurance coverage for when your business faces cyberattack and cybercrime.

Don’t wait, mitigate! Get immediate pricing along with payment options.

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