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Do you have a website for YOUR small business?

Do you have a website for YOUR small business?

If you said YES, are YOU keeping up with….

Plug in safety?
Software updates?
SSL certification to protect your website traffic?

I am just a small business, they said….

I am never going to be valuable to hackers, they said….

Don’t be a vulnerable website. Apply the patches and updates as they are released. Keep the confidence and grow your business by providing a trustworthy and bug-free website where your users feel secure to come and navigate!

Threatpost shared last week that one of many WordPress plugins threaten full site takeovers!

Over 37% of websites on the internet are on WordPress.
Just because they are widely used doesn’t mean you are in good hands 100% of the time!

Do your part, keep your business & your website traffic secure.

What if you follow all protocols and have an exposed vulnerability you did not catch?

Curious what might be the fail-proof digital security strategy for your business should you fall at the hands of malicious hackers?

Talk to me ~ Let’s protect your assets!

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