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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

How to create effective cybersecurity awareness?

The first and arguably most important step to protecting your business is to educate your employees about cybersecurity. Security awareness is about changing people’s behavior, therefore the focus should be on them.  Get to the point as our attention span is short and we are always multi-tasking.  The training materials need to be relevant and fresh.  The training tools should match how we live our lives today – so keeping it mobile friendly and sharable is excellent way of vouching for cyber awereness.  Social media is a part of our daily usage along with technology to perform our daily duties, services or run our operations. Humans are the cause of the most cyber attacks – the training material need to be personal, everyday knowledge as hackers utilize daily (bad/unlearned/ignored) habits to scam the businesses and employees.  It is important to provide the tools and model the security culture to ensure that cybersecurity and security awareness training are a part of business operations and objectives to build cyber resiliency.


Why is cybersecurity and cyber awareness important?

Many cyberattacks, especially ransomware, succeed by taking advantage of human errors. Skilled cybercriminals can easily fake emails from clients, managers, or suppliers. Cyber criminals are indiscriminate and often use the same methods to hack organizations and individuals. It is easy to inadvertently fall victim to a phishing email when under stress. Resulting cyber incidents can lead to data breach, business interruption, ransom, compromised data and more.


What can you do to build cyber resiliency & cybersecurity culture?

Enroll your employees into cybersecurity awareness training. Being proactive in having cyber secure culture will help lessen and prevent future cyber attacks and data breaches.  The more aware we are as a company, the better it is in avoiding falling for phishing and social engineering scam including business email compromise, invoice manipulation, telecommunication theft, etc.  Ransomware may also be avoided simply by having strong cybersecurity practice to protect your data along with cyber culture.  Properly trained members of your company will result in less fraud, fines, fees and penalties from the regulatory bodies, data breaches and falling victim of a cybercrime whether it was thru a work computer or from a personal device.  Protect your brand by training employees how to represent or respond responsibly on social media.  Speaking of building cyber resiliency, ensure that you mitigate unavoidable cyber threats and costly expenses by having cyber security insurance.  Should you become a victim of a cybercrime, you need financial support as you recover after a loss.

The most important thing you can do right now is build a cyber culture from top down. The leaders of the company should be just as passionate about securing IoT as much as an intern at your company.  Don’t just lecture about security practice.  Provide tools and have proactive measuring steps to ensure that everyone in the company is a piece of a puzzle in building cyber security. It’s crucial to instill the importance of security from the very beginning.

Where & When to start?

We have budget-friendly cyber awareness program available for companies of all sizes.  Dark side is growing as we are globally advancing our technology and becoming digital savvy.  The time is NOW to get started.

We can help you get started:

*Security Awareness Training

*Premium Security and Compliance Training

*Mandatory Quizzes

*Phishing Simulation

*Progress & Status Reports

*Interactive Phishing Games

*Custom Training (Drip Campaigns)

*Upload Own Videos

*Policies Management

*User Friendly Personalized Dashboard

Reach out to us as we would take pride in helping your company build cyber resiliency.


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