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Cyber Insurance Cover Ransomware and Cyberattack! Are YOU secured?

We all understand in today’s world that cybersecurity and business liability protection is a mandatory action we take to protect our business from financial ruin. As we move forward in our new normal, small and medium businesses must survive the technology and liability risks.

Cyber attacks are the single largest risk to your business today. The odds that your business is the next target in a cyber attack has never been higher. This year alone, businesses have experienced an eye-opening 80% increase in cyber attacks with Ransomware attacks up 148% and phishing attacks up 600%. For this reason, many businesses are seeking an additional layer of protection in the form of Cyber Liability Insurance. While Cyber Liability Insurance is still a relatively new product, determining if you have enough coverage or if you would receive full payout in the event of a breach has proven to be a struggle.

Do you have any of these thoughts or questions as you run your business:

  • Am I properly investing in a “safety net” for my business?
    (Ransomware and phishing attacks have spiked this year, you need to be prepared)
  • In the event of a breach, do I have adequate Cyber Liability Insurance coverage to protect my business?
  • How my network environment should be set up to keep my business as safe as possible from cyber attacks?
  • And, if I submitted an insurance claim as a result of a breach, would I even GET PAID?
    (60% of businesses would not survive the effects of a breach without receiving insurance money)

Professional Services is one of the most targeted industries, followed by Healthcare and the Public Sector, but all classes of business are at risk of a ransomware & cyber attack. Cyber Liability Insurance is no longer a luxury, but a must have, and why locking down your network will not only help you become a less likely target for a breach, but also qualify your business for an insurance payout should the worst happen.

*Are YOU worried about putting your clients at risk?
*You have employees & families who rely on your business for their livelihood?
*Do you want to be among the 35% of the businesses that survive a breach?
*Do you want to make sure you get a Cyber Liability Insurance that will BE there to save your business?
*Do YOU want to build a cybersecurity Culture?

If you are interested in learning the blueprint to keep your business protected from cyber attacks and want to find out how to survive a breach with minimal disruption or crippling financial consequence, send us a message and connect with our cybersecurity experts. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your business is as protected as any business can be from cyber attacks, and if breached, your company could survive a devastating cyber attack with minimal disruption or crippling financial consequence.

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